Monday, 21 November 2016

Film Training

During our filming sessions, we learnt how to use the camera - it was easy but you had to get it right. Before we started using it, Matt and Sav told us different ways that can break the camera One of them was that if two people are holding the camera, they might let go at the same time so that is why we have to get it. When we were practising, Matt and Sav told us there were four jobs: director, camera person, interviewer and sound person. Before we started, we had to get the camera in the right condition. To do that we had to do the white balance – white balance means getting the colour right so it does not get too black or white, by doing that the director has to a white special thing that is a square shape in front of the person’s face. After that, we had to make sure the light was not too bright and then we made sure the person who is being interviewed is in the right place by using the camera. Finally, we started filming old people who talked about what games they played and about their childhood.
By Abeer

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