Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trip to the Museum of Childhood

 My Museum of Childhood experience

The Museum of Childhood was a great experience of my life to go to a place that actually collected modern time toys. When we got there (on Friday 16th September), they showed us lots of different toys, for example, dolls, Meccano build-it toys, football cards, Rubix Cubes and miniature soldiers. Then after that, they gave us leaflets to find the different toys around the museum. I partnered up with my friends called Clive and Mohammed. There were play areas for small children to have fun. There were rocking horses for slightly older children but it was still great fun. The museum was grand and had its own lunch hall for families and disabled children. Its original name is the V&A Museum of Childhood which is open to public. I recommend you go there and I promise you will be shocked!
By Mozamel

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