Friday, 11 November 2016

Play session with elders

On the 20th of October, year 6 participated in a play session with some elder people who ever so kindly took their time to come in to our school to help us with our film project. During our session, they showed us some awesome games which included marbles, French cricket and penny up the wall. Also, we showed them some of our enjoyable games we all knew how to play our games so we encouraged them to try and beat the professionals. Some of our games included champ, monkey-football and one-touch. We enjoyed this experience because we got to learn more incredible games that we didn’t even know existed! We liked learning about some games that people used to play throughout history when there were less recourses and less space to play than we have now. I think that everyone should try these games because even though they sound boring, they are fun. I hope that we get to do it again because it was a good learning experience and we got to learn some new games that we can play on our own in the playground.

By Brooke

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